inputdialog widget exists to choose the type of inputdevice
 you want to use with the Xwindow system.

 /* from GTK+ documentation  */
 NOTE this widget is considered too specialized/little-used for
 GTK+, and will in the future be moved to some other package.  If
 your application needs this widget, feel free to use it, as the
 widget does work and is useful in some applications; it's just not
 of general interest. However, we are not accepting new features for
 the widget, and it will eventually move out of the GTK+

 Since inputdialog derives from dialog, you can as well, use
 the dialog API functions, properties and whatever you do with
 dialog, can as well be done on this inputdialog.

 monitor the device added, device removed signals which are
 "enable_device" and "disable_device" respectively.

 API to create this widget:
 GtkWidget* gtk_input_dialog_new          (void);

 see also: gdkscreen

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