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I am Muthiah Annamalai, from India. Im a GTK+/GNOME hacker, with small contributions to projects in GNOME, like Gedit, Inkscape, EOG, and Zenity. I also happen to be the project leader, and primary author of GtkBook


Like most other Free software projects, GtkBook was started to scratch onself's itch.
  1. Qt & KDE have *Amazing* documents . see,, and all those amazing sites out there.
  2. So do our rivals M$. msdn.m$.com, Apple
  3. GTK+ can do with some comprehensive documentation. Presently no one stop place. GtkMM docs are great. DevHelp, too tries to patch up GNOME with Qt. Still focus on GNOME is, look into source code, rather than give more documentation.
  4. GNOME + ISV, MONO +ISV, MONO-GTK#, GTK is future toolkit for *NIX. Moreover lots of people use GTK+ on MAC, and WINDOWS plaforms.
  5. Gtk is simple, plain, fast and easy: iff you understand the basics. We will make GTK+ the toolkit of choice for newbies.
  6. Lets give them a fight, KDE, Qt, M$, Apple, Java, Sun et-al, lets write amazing docs, too. World class toolkit, now with World class documentation.

I had in mind, for the past one year or so, a book on GTK+, title A Journey through GTK+. In fact I've started work on this, and made a community project at Its very much a work in progress after one of conception, starting June 2004.

Previous examples of my work include an exposition on GdkPixbuf, titled Image processing with GTK+ may be found here.

Im also the author of GTK bindings to GNU Octave, at Octave-GTK

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